The Hardin County Early Intervention Program focuses on parent involvement with their children’s learning and development.  Families receive a guide to the evaluation process during the first home visit.  Children receive a complete evaluation upon referral for services including: vision, hearing, nutrition and social-emotional screenings, developmental evaluation, parent interview, parent/child interaction observation and hands on evaluation from a therapist.  The team which includes parents, Service Coordinator, Developmental Specialists and therapists determines eligibility for Early Intervention services.  Eligible children and families receive an IFSP to determine strengths, needs, outcomes and individual services.  Per Early Intervention Rule the Bayley III assessment is used to determine eligibility for the program.  The Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Young Children (AEPS) is used as a curriculum and ongoing assessment tool.  The Early Intervention staff strives to provide all services in the child’s natural environment by making home visits and encouraging parent involvement and participation in therapy sessions.  Parents are given developmental questionnaires to help them monitor their child’s development.  The final duty of the Early Intervention team is to help the child and family transition to preschool.  Parents are given information to make decisions concerning the best preschool program for their child.  We introduce parents to the preschool team in their school district and participate in all meetings and evaluations to make a smooth transition to preschool services.

Simon Kenton School continues to be an active part of the Help Me Grow system in Hardin County, which is funded in part by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.  This grant is designated to improve the collaboration of agencies serving children under the age of three (3) and their families under the direction of the Hardin County Family and Children First Council.  Referrals are sent to central intake 1-800-755-4769.  Simon Kenton School is contracts with the Family and Children First Council to provide Early Intervention Service Coordination and evaluations.  A full time Service Coordinator provides dedicated service coordination for families.  Families and children receive services according to each individualized family service plan including; special instruction, speech/language therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.  Services are provided year round.

Simon Kenton School Preschool offers half-day sessions, four days a week for Preschool children (3 – 5 year olds).  Each classroom session has eight (8) children on an IEP and six (6) typically developing children.  Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy services are provided based upon Individual Education Plans (IEP).  Preschool services are provided in an integrated setting with children with special needs and typically developing children as recommended by the Ohio Department of Education.  Children with special needs are enrolled at Simon Kenton School following an IEP meeting with the child’s parents and school district of residence.  Parents complete an application to enroll children who are typically developing.  All children enrolled in the early childhood programs are evaluated using the ELA within the first 60 (sixty) days of enrollment.  The ELA  ongoing assessment is embedded into daily lesson plans.


The Preschool staff implements a project approach with children.  Portfolios are kept on each child to share with families and to highlight progress. Early Childhood staff meetings are held 1 – 2 times per month to for planning of family events, special classroom projects and to focus on curriculum development, assessment and evaluation of students, and program evaluation.  At least four (4) times per year parents and children are invited for parent support/education activities, including a countywide event held in the summer which is open to any family with young children in Hardin County.  Early Childhood teachers have attained Highly Qualified Teacher Certification.


Motor lab with the occupational therapist and physical therapy assistant continues to be very popular with our preschoolers.  A motor lab skills checklist is sent home with the students to help parents monitor motor development.  The children enjoy motor lab twice a week.  One session is focused on fine motor tasks and the other session is focused on gross motor tasks.  A book of the month is also incorporated in motor lab.  Sound symbol development is a focus in preschool for all children.  Teachers and the Speech/Language Pathologist improve listening skills by teaching children the sound letters make along with recognition of the letter.  Parent handouts have been sent home explaining this listening program with follow along activities.

The Preschool team works together with county districts to prepare students for transitions to Kindergarten.





The Hardin County Board of DD operates a School Age Program at Simon Kenton School for students that reside in Hardin County and have multiple disabilities.  This Program is composed of three classes serving School Age students ages 6 through 22.  The Primary Class serves students ages 6 - 11 years.  The Intermediate Class serves students ages 12 - 17 while the Prevocational Class serves students ages 18 - 22.


Each classroom utilizes the Unique Learning Curriculum which is aligned with the Ohio Department of Education Common Core Standards and the Common Core Standards-Extended.  This Curriculum is designed to adapt to students of varying abilities.  Through the usage of this curriculum and other specifically designed learning techniques teachers assure consistency in teaching techniques as students move from one classroom to the next.


The Hardin County Board of DD believes that integration is important in the delivery of School Age services.  This is accomplished by providing educational social experiences  between individuals with disabilities and typically developing peers to the extent that is appropriate for each student.

Language Development Services, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy is offered to students needing such by licensed professionals whose main office is located at Simon Kenton School. 

A Registered Nurse and/or Licenced Practical Nurse is available to address immediate and on-going Health Service needs.  Classroom Staff is trained to administer delegated nursing tasks such as medication distribution and tube feeding.  A Registered Nurse trains and monitors staff members as they perform these tasks.


A Summer Respite Program is available six weeks throughout the Summer to assist parents with care of their child with a disability and to provide recreational activities.  Trained professionals are employed to staff this program.  The Summer Respite Program is offered through the Hardin County ARC.  Applications for this program can be secured at Simon Kenton School.  This program is available to school age children with multiple disabilities in Hardin County.  Students who are enrolled in other schools besides Simon Kenton School are also eligible to participate in the Summer Respite Program.

The placement of a student at Simon Kenton School is the ultimate responsibility of the Local School Districts in Hardin County.  The student’s educational team determines placement based on the least restrictive placement.  If a parent or guardian would like to inquire into the appropriateness of a student attending Simon Kenton School the Special Education Coordinator of the student’s school district should be contacted.


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