The Hardin County Board is authorized to provide service and support administration to individuals. A Service and Support Administrator, or SSA, acts as the point of contact for all services requested or contracted for the individual with developmental disabilities. An SSA is certified through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and has completed at least an undergraduate degree with training or experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Service and Support Administration functions include:

Assessing a person’s needs and services, and helping determining goals.
Develop and revise the individual’s Individual Service Plan (ISP), which details exactly what services they will be receiving.
Establish the individual’s budget,
Ensure that the services are effectively coordinated and provided by the appropriate providers,
Monitor the implementation of the individual’s ISP,
Ensure that the individual has a designated person to provide daily representation,
Coordination of services,
Ensure individuals and their families understand their rights, including due process and appeal rights,
Assist with  emergency and crisis intervention,
Individual record retention
Assist in the selection of providers to coordinate residential placement and serve as the gatekeepers for all waiver services
Aid with the transition of school age students


The Hardin County Board of Developmental Disabilities offers a variety of Adult Day Services and Vocational Habilitation options with certified private providers. These programs offer an array of engaging activities to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach their goals, outcomes and enjoy their daily activities. Your goals and supports needed to achieve those outcomes are developed with your team and are included in your Individualized Service Plan (ISP).


Employment is the goal of many adults, including adults with developmental disabilities.  The Hardin County Board of DD partners with other state agencies and a variety of providers to create successful employment experiences for the individual, as well as the employer. A large part of the Community Employment Program is the Employment First Partnership. Every person has abilities, skills and talents to enrich the community and people around us. We believe every working-age adult with developmental disabilities has opportunity to explore their career options and seek jobs that fit their skills and interests.


Young people with developmental disabilities will learn about employment options and planning during their school years. Adults with developmental disabilities should have support teams that assist in learning more about how abilities and interests can match opportunities in with workplace.


Nursing services are available each weekday, 8 am to 3 pm.  Nursing consultation is available by phone as needed otherwise.  These services are provided by a Registered Nurse, a Licensed Practical Nurse, and a Health Services Secretary.  Nursing health services are available to all enrollees.

The focus of the Health Services Staff is to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the enrollees and our staff.  This is accomplished by policy and procedure development, health promotional activities, disease prevention, continuity of treatments, education and training of health related tasks.

Currently all enrollees receive a health assessment upon enrollment and annually.  Needed health services and goals are addressed in the Individualized Plan.  Staff, including residential and respite providers, and transportation employees, are trained and provision of services are monitored for effectiveness and potential revision.

Document management is essential to all aspects of health services.  Within the past one year all health related services files have been computerized and are in process of placement into individual files.

The nurses actively serve on the Wellness Committee, Emergency Response Team, Safety Committee, MUI Review Committee, Human Rights Committee, Management Team, Special Needs Committee of ARC, and Hardin County Healthy Lifestyle Coalition.

Health Services include:

  • Health assessment upon enrollment and annually

  • Attendance at IP Meetings as needed

  • Provision of first aid for injuries

  • Direct care and delegation of nursing tasks as appropriate including medication administration

  • Staff education of diagnosis and treatments

  • New staff orientation as required by licensure and accreditation

  • Provision of family support for medically fragile enrollees

  • Securing of equipment and supplies to provide continuity of care during programming

  • Document management of health files

  • Coordination of health services required to maintain state waiver eligibility

  • Consultation and coordination for physician, dental and vision services; and follow up after appointments

  • UIR and MUI immediate action, treatment and prevention plan development

  • Delegated Nursing Training and Medication Quality Assurance Reviews

  • Continued Nursing Education to increase knowledge and skills needed to serve persons with disabilities and their families


The Hardin County Board of DD has hired Anna LaWarre as the transportation manager as of August 1, 2016.  You can contact Anna at 419-674-4158.  More information will be coming.


Family Resource Services are for all families whose son/daughter (child or adult) live at home and is eligible for services from the Hardin County Board of DD.  Your son/daughter may be attending Simon Kenton School, attending a public school, employed in the community and receiving SSA services or enrolled in an adult services program.


Each family whose child/adult is eligible for Family Resource Services has an allocation of $700.00 per child, per calendar year as funds are available. Families may use these funds for the following areas:


  • Respite Care: Families can choose their own provider or choose from a listing of HCBDD-approved providers. Respite Care is approved as a total dollar amount and can be distributed as the family prefers.

  • Adaptive Equipment: Include items needed for therapy; or specialized equipment for the home, school or family vehicle.

  • Summer Programs: Covers summer school programs, and summer camps or retreats.

  • Supplies: This may include medical supplies, diapers and general supplies needed for the individual not covered under any other services.

  • Home Modifications/Ramps: Family Resources may help pay for home modifications needed to help the individual live more comfortably. Ramps are also covered for the family home, although other sources must be exhausted before utilizing these funds.

  • Therapeutic Services: May help families cover the cost of co pays and/or alternative therapies. These therapies may include standard physical, speech and occupational therapy, but also holistic and alternative therapies not covered under insurance and/or Medicaid.

  • Special Diet/Medications: Family Resources may be used to help with monthly medication expenses, and any special diet needs.

  • Other Special Requests: Any reasonable request will be considered by the Ethics Committee which reviews requests.

  • Families must complete an application each year.


The Hardin County Board of DD works with the non-profit Hardin County Housing Development board. The Housing Board owns and operates 11 houses located throughout Hardin County. These houses are rented to people eligible for County Board of DD services as they are available.




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